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Monday, January 08, 2007

Clumsy Historical Comparison

Today I indulge a bit of rightist association. Because no-one can be bad in their own right, let's assume that Saddam was actually a Hitler.

If this were true, how do you think a Kurd would feel right now? Or a swamp Arab, or an Iranian?

I suppose they'd feel just like a Jew, a Pole, or a Russian would feel if Hitler had been tried, convicted, and executed, not for the Holocaust or the Eastern Front prisons or the eugenics programs but for, say, the purge of the SA during the so-called Night of Long Knives.

Now, functionally, you'd have what you wanted, perhaps. But ask yourself if it wouldn't sting to see such a villain killed for lesser crimes and the more significant charges dropped.

Again, I don't make the comparison. I like to judge each mass-murderer in his or her own right without resorting to rhetorical associations. But I'm willing to take such statements to their logical conclusions.

Update-- Actually, it seems that the Iranians are quite pleased with the results, and feel that Maliki has proven himself quite willing and able to serve their interests. Well, I'm sure that this will strengthen ties between the Shiites and the occupying powers.


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