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Thursday, October 26, 2006

FL-24: Zogby poll shows Curtis/Feeney almost even!

As I've blogged and talked to others about my candidate, Clint Curtis, I've been very upfront about the race for FL-24 being something of a longshot. Sure, Tom Feeney's the only UNindicted member of the infamous Scotland golfing trip paid for by Jack Abramoff; sure, he's a close friend of the Bushies as well as Mark Foley; sure, he was selected by CREW as one of their 20 most corrupt Congresspersons. But let's face it: Clint has almost no name recognition in the district, a comparatively miniscule campaign warchest, and little political experience. What chance does he really have?

Well, I've never been happier to admit I was wrong. Because the first official poll (Zogby) shows Clint IN ALMOST A DEAD HEAT WITH FEENEY!

The poll of 402 likely voters in the 24th district showed:

Feeney 45%
Curtis 43
Other 2
Not sure 10
MOE +/-5

The race for the U.S. House of Representatives in Florida's 24th District is a virtual toss-up. Incumbent Tom Feeney holds the slimmest of leads over challenger Clint Curtis, 45% to 43%, with one in ten (10%) undecided.

Each candidate leads big among his own party's members, but Curtis leads among independents, 48% to 37%.

You can read more at Clint's campaign blog, the BradBlog, and Velvet Revolution, the election integrity group which commissioned the Zogby poll.

This is very exciting and surprising news. It means there is a realistic chance Clint can beat Feeney. And the first order of business on Clint's Commitment List is to make a paper ballot the vote of record once again.

If you live in FL-24, please support Clint.

[Disclosure: I'm a volunteer for the Clint Curtis for Congress campaign.]


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