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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Worried about "skewed" election results?

Judging by clammyc's Recommended diary on Daily Kos, there is great concern regarding the possibility of Election Day shenanigans perpetrated by Republicans, from voting machine irregularities to voter disenfranchisement and everything in between. Clint Curtis, candidate for FL-24, has come up with a solution to address the former:

Vote Now 2006
is an independent website for recording one's vote. Any candidate or politician can sign up to use it, as well as any registered voter. It's simple - just click on the "Vote Now" icon, select your state, enter your voter info, and look for your candidate. If your candidate isn't listed, suggest to him/her that they register.

While I'm not privy to the technical workings of the program (Clint's the computer genius, not me), I would best describe it as an electronic exit poll. It gives the candidate a decent idea of how many people voted for him or her. Obviously, it's not legally binding, but it will provide a general idea of how the votes shake out. If the Vote Now 2006 votes tally with the recorded vote, then the candidate can probably assume the election was legit. But if Vote Now 2006 shows a substantial difference, it will give cause to look into the official votes further and possibly challenge them.

Like I said, anyone from any party can use it. If you have friends and family who don't have computers, you can enter their vote for them. (Truthfully, of course!)

Even Italy has signed on to Vote Now 2006, and considering how crazy their elections get, they must think it's worth a shot! LOL.

If you have questions about how it works, please post them in comments and I'll be happy to forward them to Clint and post back here with his responses.

[Full disclosure: I'm a volunteer for Clint Curtis for Congress.]


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