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Thursday, January 18, 2007

Rightist D'Souza: They hate us for our freedom, and right in doing so.

Dinesh D'Souza calls out FDR for his complicity in the rise of Islamofascism.

If this joker knew his history, as all conservatives are supposed to, he'd know that Winston Churchill worked out the ratios of control in Eastern Europe on a cocktail napkin with Stalin himself. Further documentation here.

No criticism of Churchill intended. FDR was apparently enraged by the results of the Anglo-Soviet meeting, but his hands were tied by the necessities of the alliance, and to be fair, Churchill felt that his were, too.

What I do criticize is the right's tendency to idealize and idolize "their" heroes and demonize their counterparts, whom they style as enemies. The trouble with the American liberal is that he has very few intellectuals (most of them are purged as leftists and the remainder are all too often cryptocons). The trouble with the American conservative is that he has many intellectuals and none of them read a god-damned thing. This shit about giving away Eastern Europe has been a rightist line for sixty fucking years. You may have heard its more popular covers, giving away China and giving away Vietnam. And Churchill's explanation of the negotiations for the post-war world has been around for fifty years. I know we joke about rightists living in the 50s, but I think that may give them too much credit. I wish we still had Eisenhower Republicans.


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