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Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Domestic Abuse

As Patty's armchair foreign affairs analyst, I'll leave any discussion of the primaries to her. But I do want to make one note before I get to my daily gripe:

Keith Olbermann observed last night during the election coverage that McCain's comeback was comparable to Winston Churchill's. The British leader's political demise was also predicted prematurely. The liberal anchor instantly noted, of course, that he meant no undue comparison of quality. And that's fine. Now if it was Chris Matthews, that'd be something, but I think this was just Olbermann seizing the first example.

If I could talk to the MSNBC anchor, I'd remind him, however--he's thinking of Nixon. Nixon's career was considered over, and then he came back in an older, more virulent form to take over after a brutal war and terrible corruption. God, people in the 70s sure were dumb. Can you imagine anybody seeing LBJ and Vietnam and political consolidation and rampant dishonesty and then saying "You know who'll fix all this? Nixon!" Thank the Almighty we live in a more enlightened age.


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